Nordstrom Tries A Tesla Showroom In Menswear

by Michelle Brown

Store-within-a-store concepts built around vendor-retailer partnerships have grown popular recently, appearing everywhere from big name apparel retailers to big box electronics stores. Nordstrom is no stranger to store-within-a-store concepts, but their latest partnership turns off the beaten path. Nordstrom has partnered with Tesla, manufacturer of electric cars, and has opened a Tesla boutique store in a Los Angeles location. The store-within-a-store is in the men’s department and is slated to remain for the rest of the year. Though it may initially look mismatched, Nordstrom may be showing foresight in piloting a pop-up for a manufacturer with Tesla’s tech bent. Technology is, after all, becoming more fashionable through the advent of wearable devices, the promise of “smart clothes” on the horizon and the increasing prominence of high-tech, high-priced IoT home appliances. One need look no further than Apple’s attempt to rebrand itself as a luxury retailer with newly-designed Apple Stores and high-priced Apple Watches to see the further blurring of the lines between high-end tech and high-end fashion. Read more at Forbes.