by William Buckley
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Craft Atlantic has definitely nailed it: that hot topic in menswear, ‘form and function’. Consumer’s are more savvy than ever, and more educated about the products they spend their money on. Men are increasingly less likely to buy something because of the logo or the label, and brand loyalty is all but out the window too. And while at first glance, the collection is certainly stylish, it takes a more comprehensive understanding to really appreciate the nuances of creative director Luis Fernandez’s designs. The significant time spent by Fernandez at Italian mills each season and the incredible level of research and development the brand puts into each collection is just that: incredible. “Every item in the collection is crafted with special attention to luxe and technical fabrications and functional details,” explains Fernandez. “Innovations in technology enhance every facet of our modern lives so the design and the shapes of our clothes should follow suit.”