by MR Magazine Staff

Stephen-F-21.jpgLike his father and grandfather, Stephen Ferber got his start in the retail business, but unlike his family, decided to go out on his own and create his own brand. He launched Stephen-F as a small menswear collection in 2010, and with the help of his partner Alex Lundqvist, debuted a full collection for fall 2015 comprising furnishings ($70 to $200 retail), sportswear ($300 to $500), tailored clothing ($280 to $1,500) and outerwear ($200 to $7,000). The brand is currently sold in Europe, but he’s opening the first Stephen-F store in New York later this year. Here, we talk to Ferber about his Swedish roots, the differences between the American and European markets and his plans for growth.

On what the American market can learn from the European market: So many European stores like Dandy Parisien in Paris and Le Marché Aux Puces in Madrid have exceptional service and products. However, there are a lot of similarities between New York and Milan in regards to the brands and vibe at retail.

On what’s next: We’re planning to open another store in 2016. I want to continue to meet interesting people and create beautiful product. We have finalized the 2016 summer collection and we’re introducing accessories.

On his biggest challenge: So far it’s been to continue to dare. Dare to make a high-end brand from scratch. Dare to continuously be selective and stick with our strategy. But mostly, dare to fail.