by Stephen Garner
Getty Images

Today, in honor of World Penguin Day, Original Penguin has launched its third iteration of its Project #ShareConservation program by partnering with Oceana, focusing on their work at La Higuera in Chile, a biodiverse hotspot where 80 percent of the world’s endangered Humbolt penguins live.

The Project #ShareConservation video tells the story of La Higuera, one of the world’s few remaining biodiverse hotspots, and the natural and man-made threats it faces on a daily basis. Original Penguin is working in collaboration with Oceana to build awareness to combat these threats, with the ultimate goal of making La Higuera a marine protected area.

“Penguins are our namesake, so protecting them is important to us. As a company, it’s important to stand for something. Wildlife conservation is a cause we take seriously,” said Todd Bernstein, president of Original Penguin. “We’ve developed #ShareConservation into an annual campaign, but this year will be bigger than ever. It’s exciting to partner with a great organization like Oceana to benefit wildlife. We want to use our platform to help share the message of conservation and shed light on the important work that Oceana does for the world’s oceans.”

“Oceana is excited to partner with Original Penguin for this important cause,” added Matt Littlejohn, senior vice president for marketing and communications of Oceana. “Protecting key habitats is a vital component of our mission to save the oceans and feed the world, and La Higuera is a truly special place worthy of preservation. We thank Original Penguin for joining us in this fight.”

Each time this video is shared on Facebook, Original Penguin will donate $1 to Oceana to help Humbolt penguins and other animals worldwide – so share away!