‘Our Government Has Failed Us’: Frustrated, Self-Employed, And Left Behind By SBA Loan Programs

Like many businesses across Ohio, Nathan’s Barber Shop in Marion County was ordered to close its doors amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has since extended the state’s stay-home order until at least May, and Nathan Riddle, the shop’s owner and operator, is running out of options. It’s been more than a week since he filled out the application for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan from the Small Business Administration—but he has yet to hear back from the agency. “I think the worst part in all of this would be our local government telling us that we are mandated to shut down, and then give absolutely zero clarity on how or when we will receive any assistance,” Riddle says. His frustration is echoed by countless sole proprietors, self-employed workers, and independent contractors across the United States who say they are being left behind by loan programs meant to provide them with relief from the effects of COVID-19. Read more at Fast Company.

2 Replies to “‘Our Government Has Failed Us’: Frustrated, Self-Employed, And Left Behind By SBA Loan Programs”

  1. Those who complain have failed to understand that unless you need food to survive and stay alive, system is designed NEVER TO HELP THOSE WHO ACTUALLY NEED!
    System was designed because of its own goals, own interest and own agenda. Dumb people start believing those “marketing terms” used by greedy bankers, top 1% and Government such as “Financial Relief”, “Stability”, “Helping those in need”!

    You never get loan when you need. You sell coccaine, put your daughter on backpage as an escprt, pimp your family out, do some other bad things, stay loaded with disposable income, your credit score hit 700 and then Bank will offer you any credit product even when you don’t need!

  2. This is all true!!!!
    I never received the $2,400 rebate
    I never received a penny of the EIDL Grant
    I was turned down by my own bank of 20 years (since their inception into the US) TD, because my accounts are all joint accounts with my wife.
    I can not get PPP $ as I am not recognized as a self employed menswear representative by my bank. there is no more money, as of 4/16/20
    I can not apply as a W2. I am a 1099 and there is no plan in Massachusetts available for unemployment.
    There is really very little or no hope!

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