by John Russel Jones

Pangaia has opened a pop-up shop in Los Angeles, at The Grove, open from last Friday, September 1st,  through September 27th, 2022, celebrating the brand’s having planted, protected, or restored one million trees through its Tomorrow Tree Fund. Developed to offer an immersive experience, the shop takes its cues from the brand’s ethos and commitment to high-tech naturalism.

Pangaia at The Grove features several curated product drops, including the Uniform Series 01 collection, which launches globally on September 27th. Uniform Series 01 represents the brand’s new product architecture, developed to cover the leisurewear, activewear, outerwear, and accessory categories. Brought together for the first time in the form of a modern wardrobe the range features key Pangaia innovations such as Spiber, Infinited Fiber, Pineapple Shirting, Reclaim, FLWRDWNTM, Re-Color, and Grape Leather Sneakers, as well as a collaboration with the iconic artist, Kenny Scharf.

Shop Experience and Design

With a clear focus on continuing the brand’s work of de-mystifying science, the new installation brings the world of Pangaia to life through a unique sensory experience of sound and smell. Through the use of 3D audio spatialization, guests will be transported to a lush forest inspired by the coastal coniferous woodland biomes of Northern California. The soundscape will evolve as the day goes on to mimic the natural progression of the forest. As an added layer of the sensory experience, the landscape is further brought to life through smells of greenery, wet soil, and moss, a custom blend created to smell like the forest.

Guests who enter the space will also be encouraged to plant a tree through an interactive digital screen, which also shares information about the brand’s Tomorrow Tree Fund. As they journey through the space, they’ll discover two circular space-like structures, aligned with small spatial speakers, that house the curated product assortments.

The design of the pop-up draws attention with a highly visible exterior in Jade Green, serving to stand out and ignite dialogue and action around climate change. In keeping with design detail found on its highly coveted products, the exterior of the structure mimics the text block synonymous with the brand, describing the materials used to construct the space as well as key material science innovations that are showcased in windows around the perimeter of the structure.

The Pangaia experience fuses education with entertainment, to deliver an energetic and understandable approach to showcasing the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through materials science and innovation.

Environmental Impact

Since its inception, philanthropy has been the guiding principle of Pangaia, pledging to plant one mangrove tree for every product sold. The Tomorrow Tree Fund helps support Pangaia’s mission to inspire and accelerate an earth-positive future, helping to address biodiversity decline through engagement with grassroots conservation initiatives. This has funded the planting and protection of one million trees, to date, through 11 NGOs in 15 countries.

Additionally, Pangaia has designed the exterior of the pop-up from reused and repurposed panels and will work to create a space that is climate positive, measuring and offsetting the entire carbon footprint (plus 10%) of the retail experience, while accounting for employee commuting, material use, material transport, site electricity, and heating.

This pop-up is part of Pangaia’s latest initiative, Pangaia Pact which exemplifies the brand’s focus on becoming earth positive and driving a purpose and impact-led business model. Pangaia Pact is built on the premise of harnessing common earth-positive goals and a way of working with partners to drive a greater combined impact across three key pillars, Carbon Neutrality, Circularity, and Purpose.