by Stephen Garner

Pangaia has opened its first physical brand experience at Selfridges in London.

The world of Pangaia has been brought to life with a temporary installation at the retailer’s “Corner Shop,” which serves as an immersive rotation pop-up experience that aims to highlight innovative brands. The idea is to make Pangaia’s new installation into a traveling pop-up that can be re-used and will serve as both a retail destination and a platform for discovery.

With a clear focus on continuing the brand’s work of de-mystifying science, the installation contains an industrial heptagon turntable structure that transports guests on a journey of discovery across the multiple facets of the brand. Customers will enter the structure and move in a circular route around the inner seven chambers while becoming immersed in a beautiful ever-changing giant prism of light. The joy of the brand’s vibrant, colorful visual language is brought to life throughout the space with guests able to learn about the technologies harnessed by Pangaia, as well as the positive impact created through science and each of its products.

As for product, the brand worked with Selfridges to curated a range of items that speak to its focus on high-tech naturalism and innovation through science. Discovered throughout the immersive space, each of the products provides a catalyst for conversation and action to become part of the purpose for which the Pangaia brand was born. Each week, the brand will refresh the space with new product offerings paired with surprise introductions such as Pangaia chocolate, notebooks, and a special partnership with Ocean Bottle.

The design of the space is rooted in the brand’s focus on the number seven. Throughout the space, the seven colors of the rainbow almost act as paint to create a spectrum that emulates a feeling of hope and joy. Through the use of light, the space becomes instantly transformative creating an immersive effect that defines each area. Miniature prism-like glasshouses can be found throughout the space amplifying the brand’s focus on nature and science; while exploring the structures akin to places known for meditative reflection, sharing, and being together. Each of the colorful structures has been consciously created to ensure scalability in size and versatility in future use. Designed to be reusable and built from recyclable materials these freestanding structures are able to come and then go, flat packing down for easy shipping and storage; all conscious design aspects to limit negative impact.

And, for every Pangaia product sold during the Corner Shop takeover, Pangaia and Selfridges will each donate 1 percent of all sales (the retail price – less VAT) to two charitable funds. Pangaia will donate 1 percent of all sales to the Bee the Change Fund powered by Milkywire, a charitable foundation that is working to protect and preserve vulnerable and endangered bee species around the world. And, Selfridges will donate 1 percent of all sales to the Woodland Trust, a charitable foundation that is concerned with the creation, protection, and restoration of native woodland heritage.

This first Pangaia experience is now open at Selfridges through May 2nd, which coincides with the retailer’s year-long creative theme “Good Nature.” Now, customers will be able to interact with the Pangaia experience through virtual appointments, and, from April 12th, customers will have the chance to visit the pop-up in-person providing the expected update to UK’s Coronavirus safety guidelines.