by Karen Alberg Grossman

Due to new quarantining restrictions enacted by New York City and New York State, the Park Lane Show director Don Wechsler just announced the following: “We’ve had no choice but to cancel the end-August spring 2021 menswear show at the Park Lane Hotel in NYC. However, in an effort to continue to support our vendors and the menswear wholesale community, we will still produce a digital show directory. This time, vendors are using it to reach out to the retail buyers with advertising linked to their spring 2021 collections. Their look books will incorporate links and special items at regular- and off-price. In this time of social distancing, this is an ideal way for vendors to get in front of buyers and distribute brand information that their sales teams can follow up on. All this for just $300 and open to all menswear vendors, whether or not they’ve recently exhibited at the Park Lane show.”

For more information, contact Don Wechsler at or 917-412-1331.


  1. the active link is not working on the MR announcement, but use this link to see an example of what you can do.

    when you open the link, click on the flipbook to open it. then if you click on the AD on the left, it will take you to a sample collection flipbook. we can help you execute that if you need us to. if you click on the page on the right, it will take you to a sample web page we set up, to highlight various items.
    these are just as examples of how you can use this as a tool to reach not only retailers on our mailing list, but any others you have the contacts for.

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