by Stephen Garner

CrookhornDavisOnline accessories retailer Phoenix Leather Goods has relaunched luxury accessories brand CrookhornDavis. With the assistance of Michael Crookhorn, the son of original co-founder Edmund, Phoenix Leather Goods will continue CrookhornDavis’ tradition of producing luxury men’s accessories made from the finest raw materials.

In 2016, Phoenix Leather Goods acquired the rights to the CrookhornDavis brand and hired Michael Crookhorn to modernize the brand with a mix of exclusive accessories produced in the USA, Italy, Peru, and United Kingdom. The initial assortment includes luxury belts, braces, briefcases and socks for men.

”The CrookhornDavis brand has been synonymous with luxury for more than a half century,” said Gary Monds, CEO of Phoenix Leather Goods. “Our customers have told us and market trends have shown us that CrookhornDavis is positioned for significant growth. We’re excited to expand the exclusive product selection.”

CrookhornDavis was founded in 1948 by World War II veteran Joseph Joanidy as the French American Group. The company was an importer of fine men’s accessories produced in France and sold under the brands L’Aiglon and Dore’ Dore’. Over the next 20 years, Joanidy traveled city to city growing the brand and distributing to only the finest stores such as Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Sensing a need to keep up with current trends, in 1968, Joanidy recruited Edmund Crookhorn and Nick Davis who quickly worked their way up the ranks of the company. When Joanidy retired in 1978, Crookhorn and Davis acquired the French American Group and relaunched it as CrookhornDavis. In 1988, Edmund Crookhorn acquired 100 percent of the company. In 1994, Michael Crookhorn joined the company and CrookhornDavis remained a strong luxury brand into the new millennium.

“I’m excited to help breathe new life into the brand my father and I worked so hard to build,” added Michael Crookhorn, brand manager for CrookhornDavis. “We’ll create classic luxury accessories, using only the finest raw materials and old world craftsmanship to produce modern styles for the discriminating consumer.”