Pinterest Reinvents Itself To Prove It’s Really Worth Billions

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s a week before Pinterest will announce its biggest engineering and design overhaul ever, and Ben Silbermann is really excited. Well, excited in a Ben Silbermann kind of way. He is, after all, an introverted, product-minded CEO. His voice has only one volume: fairly low. “This is me excited, Jessi,” he says. “This is my high energy.” Nearly three dozen designers and engineers have spent the past several months tearing out the skeleton of Pinterest’s iOS app and rebuilding it. They’ve rethought its design, down to the font. Silbermann helmed the process, bringing his kids by the office on the weekends while he checked in on the team as they raced to transform Pinterest into a sleeker, faster service. He passed up the McDonald’s hash browns that the engineers ordered, instead pitching in by testing out the new build, surfing the app on an antiquated iPad 3 and iPhone 4 to make sure it worked great even on slower devices. Read more at Wired.