by Stephen Garner

Pitti Immagine TutorshipPitti Immagine has launched a new Tutorship Management Team, dedicated exclusively to helping, accompanying and managing young designers and talent in their business and professional careers.

The team, headed by Riccardo Vannetti, will primarily deal with brand development, such as sourcing partners for production, representation and distribution; support for collection concept; consulting on commercial and promotional strategies and also on image and communications.

“The promotion and enhancement of new designs and fashion brands has, for several years now, proven to be a must for any big international fashion event, a fundamental competitive lever,” said Gaetano Marzotto, president of Pitti Immagine. “Consolidating our relationship with the new generations and working more in-depth and with a view to the medium and long term means enriching the role of this event as an international male lifestyle platform, with special reference to experimental fashion.”

“Talking about youngsters sometimes sounds like a marketing ploy without any real investment,” said Raffaello Napoleone, the company’s CEO. “Pitti Immagine can believably insert this activity as part of a mission, in a spirit of service to the system, which for over sixty years has focused on promotion of Made in Italy worldwide, gradually discovering new companies and new talents, and always prioritizing selection and guardianship. All of this, however, in the light of what it means to promote identities and national values in a fully globalized world today, open to reciprocal cultural influences and connected in real time. The task of tutorship will therefore be carried out without boundaries, initially concentrating but not exclusively, on that community of young fashion designers that has sprung up around our projects like Who’s On Next Uomo, Pitti Italics, Fashion Buzz, Guest Nation or even around the sections of Pitti Uomo themselves dedicated to debuts and emerging brands.”