Pro Player
by Stephen Garner
Pro Player
Image courtesy of Pro Player

Heritage athletic brand Pro Player has signed an exclusive licensing deal with footwear manufacturer Synclaire Brands to produce Pro Player’s new Proline athletic footwear range.

The new Proline range will include men’s, women’s and children’s styles that will be designed for everyday athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

“Synclaire is the right partner for Pro Player athletic shoes because they make quality footwear, give the consumer a great value, and have solid distribution,” said Isaac E. Ash, founder, president, and CEO of United Legwear & Apparel Co., the brand’s master licensor. “By leveraging the traction Pro Player has gained in the last few months through big marketing initiatives and buyer interest, we anticipate excellent response at retail.”

“Athleisure products and specifically technical and fashion athletics are driving the footwear business,” added Evan Cagner, president and CEO of Synclaire Brands. “The Pro Player brand embodies and exemplifies the active lifestyle that consumers are embracing today. The brand will continue to market to this key ‘active lifestyle’ demographic and therefore we can combine our footwear design and manufacturing capabilities to help drive more sales through the value/style/brand equation.”

Pro Player has recently been revitalized following United Legwear & Apparel Co. IP Holdings’ acquisition of the master license from Perry Ellis International. Redesigned creative assets, including an updated logo and key marketing partnerships with Major League Baseball, are all part of the brand’s realignment.