How This Quirky Clothing Brand Is Using Snapchat To Sell More Shorts

by MR Magazine Staff

Chubbies’s entertaining videos appeal to its young customers on Snapchat. The world is in danger: The evil Pants Co. wants to hypnotize everyone watching TV into working on the weekends. The Shorts Guys can save the weekend, but they’ll have to travel back in time to stop Pants Co.’s CEO’s dangerous plan. If it sounds like the plot of a whacky homemade skit, that’s because it is. Chubbies, a five-year-old apparel company that made its name by selling brightly colored men’s shorts, has turned this story into a weekly mini-video series on its Snapchat account. And according to the company, it’s worked well—many of its followers on Snapchat are watching it and even tweeting about it. Read more at Fortune.