by Karen Alberg Grossman

In a world of big budget ad campaigns and expensive promotions, it’s sometimes the smaller, simpler, more personal messages that stand out. And so I was delighted to see a two minute video produced by Bruce Wender’s daughter (okay, she’s a professional who’s won three Emmys from three different networks) that so clearly and concisely tells his story and perfectly promotes his Sharp Lad product: fashionable, easy-care men’s knitwear crafted in India with much attention to detail.

Bruce has been in the menswear industry for nearly 50 years. His newest concept, launched just three years ago, is a simple item-approach to men’s knitwear with a small assortment of styles in beautiful seasonal colors and a strong focus on details like double locked side seams and tortoise shell zipper pulls. It’s a little country (suede trims), a lot sophisticated (mélange herringbone fabrics), and surprisingly affordable: $145-$155 retails for most knitwear, which is 280 grams of 85% long staple cotton/10% poly/5%Lycra.

Bruce sold only southeast stores in his first three seasons but based on excellent response in key doors (Miller Brothers Atlanta, M. Dumas Charleston, The Locker Room Tusaloosa), he’s moving west for fall. Check him out at trade shows in Charlotte and Dallas or drop him a line:

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  1. Congrats Bruce, really great looking stuff ! Do you have a Wyoming Red’s Vest ? That was a fun line. Short lived but still fun. See you in Charlotte my friend. JA

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