Res ipsa takes residency in l.a. at atelier & repairs

by Stephen Garner

Sustainable fashion brands Atelier & Repairs and Res Ipsa have teamed up in Los Angeles.

Since opening its West Hollywood retail store at 710 N Edinburgh Avenue in 2018, Atelier & Repairs has devoted shop space to sustainable brands as part of its Residency Series. “It was a natural fit,” said Res Ipsa co-founder Josh Moore. “We have always admired Atelier & Repairs and share the same core values of creating beauty from materials that would otherwise be discarded.”

That admiration led lawyers-turned-designers Moore and his partner Odini Gogo to seek out Atelier & Repairs during a recent trip to L.A. in May. “We went to see their shop off Melrose, and went to their factory in Vernon, CA,” said Gogo. “We both create upcycled one-of-a-kind pieces. We both operate our own retail store because no one can tell your story better than you. This is an opportunity to tell a story together.”

The brands first began exploring a Residency this summer when Atelier & Repairs’ co-founders Maurizio Donadi and Marisa Ma visited the Res Ipsa store in Aspen, Colorado. “Seeing the breadth of their endeavor in their Aspen shop only underlined our desire to create a stronger voice around creative solutions for excess with Josh and Odini,” noted Donadi.

“Our responsibility is to partner with innovative thinkers, brands, retailers, and manufacturers of sustainably made and sourced materials to scale the effort,” added Ma.

The Atelier & Repairs Residency Series with Res Ipsa launched last night with a cocktail party at the store and will run through November.


  1. Greatness together! Love Josh & Odin / Res Ispa; along with all they stand for and create.
    And Atelier & Repairs; for their connection with creativity and sustainability. Prooving we can
    all take charge with environmental responsible efforts!
    Wish you all the best!

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