Retail And Trucking Trade Groups Sue Biden Administration To Overturn Vaccine Mandate

National industry groups representing retail, truckers and independent businesses sued the Biden administration Wednesday over its vaccine and testing requirements for private companies, claiming they would cause “irreparable harm.” The National Retail Federation, the National Federation of Independent Business and the American Trucking Associations, told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in their lawsuit that businesses would lose employees, incur “unrecoverable compliance costs” and face deteriorating conditions in “already fragile supply chains and labor markets.” Read more at CNBC.

One Reply to “Retail And Trucking Trade Groups Sue Biden Administration To Overturn Vaccine Mandate”

  1. Germany is recording the highest COVID counts since the pandemic began. Think it’s all behind us?

    I have had three shots. I am not concerned about me getting sick or being a source of spreading. I AM concerned that people I encounter WILL spread COVID to others. Frankly, I’m so weary of this conversation. The only people dying now are people that won’t get vaccinated. If they’re so hell bent on death, who am I to stand in their way? But….. what if they get KIDS sick? Kids are being FORCED to go to school. “Oh well, who cares?” Yet parents are INSISTING on their kids going into the land of unvaccinated kids of unvaccinated families, subjecting MY grand kids to insane, unnecessary risk.

    Allergies, OK, and there should be masks that say so. Being out and about in a pandemic without being vaccinated is so high risk for all. And so many just don’t care.

    Not that I don’t know this by now. But I can’t get used to knowing what a high percentage of America is indifferent to life and limb of the health of their families, neighbors and fellow citizens. We are in SUCH dangerous territory. Anarchy is a crack in the sidewalk away. We are ungovernable. We cannot be led, we cannot be all for one, probably ever again.

    Wow. What a thing to have to say. Even worse to know that we are now in a country where far too many behave its “every man for himself, screw everyone else, screw you for even daring to challenge my rights”. And screw me for judging. Wow. Well, I for one am truly living the lyrics of The Clash’s “Lost in the Supermarket”. I can no longer shop happily. Not checking the “notify me” box below. I really don’t want to know if you take issue with my depression.

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