Retailer keith novorr has stuff worth saving

by Karen Alberg Grossman

Congrats to Keith Novorr, owner of Michael’s Fine Clothing for Men in Kansas City, for being interviewed on-air by their NBC affiliate channel 41, recognizing the store’s 50-year treasure chest of Kansas City Chiefs’ memorabilia. 

Says Novorr, whose 115-year-old store will be honored by MR magazine and the Chicago Collective in Chicago on February 16th as part of a celebration of Century+ men’s stores, “I was 15 years old back in 1970 (when the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV); these guys were my heroes and they all shopped here.” He goes on to say how his dad collected autographs, newspaper articles, and signed footballs, storing them in a fire-proof safe older than the store. These priceless keepsakes include photos and handwritten letters from AFL announcer Curt Gowdy, Chiefs’ former manager Jack Steadman, former coach Hank Stram, and others VIPs.

Congrats Keith Novorr for saving all this stuff, and good luck to the Chiefs on Sunday!


  1. Keith,
    What great “stuff worth saving”! Look forward to the seeing you in Chicago and congratulating you in person for being honored by MR magazine and the Chicago Collective for 100+ years!
    Pat Hale

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