Retailers Are Hyping QR Codes As Key To Safe Shopping

Despite being around since the 1990s, QR code technology has never made a truly noticeable impact on the world of retail. But the pandemic is leading fashion brands and retailers to try anything to convince customers that stores are safe, disinfecting constantly, limiting foot traffic and making as much of the shopping process contactless as possible. QR codes are the latest way brands are making that appeal. QR codes are becoming a common sight at huge retail hubs like Hudson Yards, all the way down to small pop-ups. Seek, a company that makes QR code technology, has seen a 600% increase in demand for augmented reality and QR code solutions since the pandemic began in March. Brands have newly started using QR codes in the past three months like Sperry and Puma, tech giants like PayPal and Apple have begun integrating them, and companies that were already using QR codes have expanded their use as well. Read more at Glossy.