Retail’s Looming Question: If You Open, Will They Come?

Across the United States—and in many hard hit international markets—so called non-essential retail is beginning to reopen. While the precise timing and specific methods of operation vary by geography, the theoretical ability of consumers to traffic physical stores will be materially greater in the next six weeks than it was during the months of March and April. Of course, just because stores or restaurants can open doesn’t mean they should or will. Quite a few national chains and local independents alike have already indicated they will delay resuming operations (beyond curbside pick-up) out of health concerns for their employees and customers and/or the often poor economics of operating at dramatically reduced capacity. Read more at Forbes.

One Reply to “Retail’s Looming Question: If You Open, Will They Come?”

  1. We opened our Texas store today. We had 6 different customers in and made a few sales. All appreciated individually but not a “pent up” demand by any means.
    Certainly customers were happy to be out.
    We are in a shopping center with a majority of National tenants, none of which are going to open until end of May. So we will likely be slow starting, it’s a start. How did we get here?

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