Seasonless Retail In The Aftermath Of The Coronavirus

Retailers and brands planning for a post-virus world are being faced with big challenges around not only offloading existing inventory, but adjusting assortments to determine how deep to buy and how to price heading into holiday 2020 – not to mention ensuring these decisions align with a consumer psyche that remains unknown. Which Spring/Summer 2020 orders should be cancelled? How much to buy for Fall/Holiday 2020? How to price items? What styles to select in Spring/Summer 2021? It’s more critical now than ever for retailers to listen to the voice of their own customers – to stay connected with them and to understand what products they want and need, and what they’re willing to pay for them. Retailers and brands might also turn towards a trend that has been quietly gaining momentum in the past three years prior to the virus: seasonless retail. Read more at Forbes.