Secrets Of Multilevel Marketing’s Top Sellers

by MR Magazine Staff

We’ve all known at least one. That friend who wants to tell you about the new company that changed her life or the one new product you just have to try. Multilevel marketing companies know them, too, and they count on their army of sellers to turn their friends, family, and social networks into buyers. And it’s worked — MLMs like Avon and Amway have been around for decades. In general, this is how multilevel marketing (sometimes called direct marketing) companies are structured: Aspiring sellers (often referred to as consultants or stylists) buy into a company either through purchasing inventory they then have to sell or through an educational program after which they are required to meet monthly, yearly, or quarterly sales goals. Most also have “team leader,” “coach,” or “mentor” aspects to the business, whereby consultants build teams of sellers and a percentage of their team’s profits trickle up. It’s a highly competitive business model, especially in areas like fashion and beauty, which are already saturated markets. Many who sign up with MLMs — often with the hope of owning their own business and having control over their schedule — don’t find the level of success they hoped for. (It’s one reason why some direct-marketing companies, especially those dependent on massive buy-ins from hopeful sellers who ultimately end up holding the bag, have been accused of running pyramid schemes.) But with for some multilevel marketing companies — those with relatively low buy-ins, reasonable sales requirements, and financial motivation to help sellers succeed — there’s a real chance for participants to see that promise of more money, more freedom, and more fulfilling work come true. Read more at Racked.