Seth rogen had a supremely stylish time at sxsw

by MR Magazine Staff

A not terribly controversial statement: Seth Rogen is a pretty chill dude. In fact, the funnyman actor and masterful dick joke writer is beloved by millions precisely for his chillest-dude persona. But don’t let Rogen’s past days of baggy cargo shorts and worn-in flannels fool you. He’s still a likable stoner—but he’s since evolved into one with a razor-sharp sense of personal style. We wrote about Rogen’s newfound personal style last year, and are happy to report that he is still at it. Most recently, the actor has been at the South by Southwest Film Festival promoting his latest film, Long Shot—and he’s been serving up some expert-level menswear moves left and right. First up is the strong suiting move Rogen wore to the premiere of his new film: the one-two combination of a Yves Klein Blue-esque suit and a tucked-in T-shirt (in the very same blue shade) with some white gum-soled Veja sneakers. Pairing a bold-colored suit with a casual tee isn’t always easy, but something about the monochromatic look in such a bright shade just works. Not to mention that the outfit holds its own when posing next to co-star Charlize Theron and her ultra-colorful dress from Louis Vuitton: no small feat. Read more at GQ.