Shopify Embarks On First Retail Partnership To Aid D-To-C Brands In Physical Stores

by MR Magazine Staff

Having a physical presence for customers to see or try on goods has become a key strategy for direct-to-consumer brands looking to expand their reach off social channels. Shopify, which has powered the rise of d-to-c brands with the ability to set up and manage e-commerce stores, has increasingly added more services for its 800,000 merchants to expand into physical retail if they so choose with in-store technology and in-person support. Now, Shopify is taking the next step with Showfields, a permanent physical retail space that caters to d-to-c brands looking to experiment in the brick-and-mortar space by launching pop-up shops. Starting on March 15 and running through May, Shopify is designing spaces for select merchants on its platform at Showfields’ permanent location at 11 Bond Street in New York City. Read more at Ad Age.