by Karen Alberg Grossman

According to Google, searches for “support local businesses” grew by more than 20,000 percent since the onset of the pandemic. Knowing that customers care and hoping to support other local businesses, Allison Marshall from Rubensteins in New Orleans created these show-stopping windows that feature shopping bags from all kinds of local establishments.

“I installed the windows a few weeks ago,” she tells us. “I read an article about last spring’s pandemic-related shipping slowdowns easing up and an expected swell in online holiday shopping. It really upset me to think how many of my favorite local stores and restaurants are having to lay people off because there isn’t enough business. On my drive home every night, I’d see ‘For Rent’ signs up and down Magazine Street. I thought if I could somehow remind visitors and locals about all of NOLA’s unique and special stores that are now at risk of closing, it might help a little.”

“The response has been amazing, especially from the shop owners,” Marshall adds. “We need our friends and customers to shop locally and help each other out. We really are all in it together.”


  1. What a fabulous thing to do…. Great community outreach… we all need to “lean In and help each other!”
    Great stores will always be “Clubs Without Keys, for their Customers”
    We a very proud to play a small part at one of America’s best shops, Rubensteins.
    Gary Wasserman
    Left Coast Tee

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