by Stephen Garner

Designer sneaker brand Crosty has teamed up with its fellow Georgia native, two-time world NBA champion, Zaza Pachulia as its new brand ambassador. The announcement comes as the sneaker brand continues its aggressive penetration of the U.S. market.

This has been an exciting time for both Crosty and Pachulia, with the brand emerging from Georgia onto the global stage and Pachulia dominating the last two years professionally with back-to-back championships for his team, the Golden State Warriors, before he recently signed in Detroit.

“Our team is so excited to welcome Zaza to the Crosty family,” said George Mikaia, creative director of Crosty. “This partnership symbolizes so much to us, but first and foremost it symbolizes our mutual desire to spread the message of freedom and individuality to the world. We both come from a place of hardship and have fought the way to where we are today. Zaza and his success have been an inspiration for many young Georgians and for our brand as well, and now we walk this path together.”

Crosty co-founders (and brothers) Shota (L) and George Mikaia

“Drive, motivation and a sense of accomplishment – there are many values I share with Crosty,” added Pachulia. “One of the reasons I’m most excited about this partnership is because we’ve taken a similar journey to success – having to fight through adversity. We are both also representing our country –it’s a place that makes us both very proud.”

Crosty is the sleek unisex sneaker brand founded and created in the country of Georgia. The brand strives to make a statement with every step, with the word “Freedom” emblazoned upon every shoe they create. As Georgia continues to grow as a hotbed for talented designers, Crosty sets themselves apart by being the first sneaker brand to come out of the region. Each pair is handcrafted and serves as a message to the world that freedom is more than just a word: it’s a way to live your life without boundaries.

“Georgia and my roots are always on my mind,” continued Pachulia. “I am excited that Crosty is going global and that the world will see such a quality product that’s made in Georgia. Since early in my career I have always been into fashion and I enjoy dressing well. Feeling good, walking into the arena, the confidence of being dressed properly all make my game stronger. Crosty gives me that opportunity and I want to share that with others.”