by Stephen Garner

Southern Tide has teamed up with non-profit marine conservation and research organization Beneath the Waves as its new official apparel partner.

Beneath the Waves’ mission is to use cutting-edge science to improve coastal sustainability and ocean health. The partnership will focus on research up and down the Atlantic coast, with the goal of catalyzing change for oceans and inspiring conservation through content development, immersive research activities, and a collaboration collection, followed by a more extensive collection launching for spring ’21, both with a give-back component. The duo will also launch a social campaign called #99percentseries to better educate consumers about the importance of our ocean.

“Southern Tide has strived to positively impact coastal and marine conservation since our inception,” said Christopher Heyn, CEO of Southern Tide. “We are proud to truly be doing the work that we believe is at the core of our brand. Southern Tide would not be a brand without the preservation of our coasts – and we consider this the purest part of our DNA. We could not be happier to be partnering with Dr. Austin Gallagher and Beneath the Waves in our efforts to continue this great responsibility.”

“We’re incredibly excited about the partnership with Southern Tide, which comes at such a pivotal point for the future of our oceans,” added Dr. Austin Gallagher, CEO of Beneath the Waves. “Since founding the organization, we’ve strived to create a platform for change, one that would – in addition to doing impactful conservation work – be a hub for technology, content, and an opportunity for engaging with innovative brands. The Southern Tide partnership exemplifies this vision, and is a great example of how science, business, and marketing can work together authentically, for positive outcomes across the board.”

Beneath the Waves is devoted to using science to protect the ocean, its most threatened species such as sharks, and is working toward a shared global vision for 30 percent of our oceans protected by 2030. Their three-pronged approach includes a focus on marine protected areas, deep-sea conservation, and coastal sustainability.

Recent work by Beneath the Waves researchers, published in leading scientific journals Science and Nature, demonstrated the need to create large marine protected areas to conserve threatened species like sharks, which are imperiled worldwide. The ocean provides important services to humanity such as food security, jobs, and oxygen, and coastlines are a critical buffer protecting coastal areas from storm surge. Protected areas allow for population recovery, which can also improve fisheries, tourism, and other socioeconomic and sustainability activities.


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