The Spiffy Hawaiian Shirt Is Back For Summer

by MR Magazine Staff

Banish from your brain the tacky Ace Ventura and Margaritaville version of the 50th state’s contribution to menswear. And trade in the chintzy hula girl shirt you bought in Key West for the modern Hawaiian shirt, a look better suited to “The Talented Mr. Ripley” than “Magnum, P.I.” “We aren’t talking about the shirt your dad would wear, with a florid print of a parrot and a tequila bottle,” explained Kevin Carney, the proprietor of Mohawk General Store in Los Angeles, which stocks aloha-inspired shirts from menswear brands such as Our Legacy, Gitman Brothers Vintage and Dries Van Noten. “Today’s versions have florals that can fit into any guy’s wardrobe.” Scaled-down motifs of tropical flowers such as pikakes, orchids and hibiscus or stylized 1950s souvenir-postcard scenes appear on muted neutral backgrounds of tan, brown or black. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.