by MR Magazine Staff
GEOX founder Mario Moretti Polegato

Most of us recognize the GEOX brand for its fabulous footwear. Legend has it that 25 years ago, founder Mario Moretti Polegato was hiking through Nevada, troubled by the intense heat. To cool off his feet, he used his Swiss Army knife to puncture the rubber soles of his shoes. Back home in Italy, he tapped into this experience to create new technology for ventilating rubber soles, thereby inventing shoes that breathe. He patented his process and pitched it to numerous companies, none of which jumped on the idea. So Polegato decided to do it himself and, based on his concept of Respira (Italian for breathe), he founded GEOX (GEO meaning earth; X standing for advanced technologies).

Today, GEOX is a hugely successful global company, producing innovative footwear and, more recently, exceptional outerwear. All products, including the brand’s range of outerwear essentials, are designed with wearable well-being in mind. Technological advancement remains at the forefront to ensure outerwear, like the brand’s signature footwear, is made for maximum performance. In addition to being breathable, GEOX jackets are waterproof and water-repellent, providing outstanding protection against the elements. They’re also equipped with innovative thermal padding, which is both extremely lightweight and designed to ensure insulation, keeping the body at a normal temperature for maximum comfort. It’s definitely time to take notice of GEOX’s outerwear offerings.


The GEOX fall 2021 men’s outerwear collection combines Italian design with the latest in innovative technology to create contemporary classic coats, designed to adapt to urban mobility, centered on performance, comfort, and style. Faithful to the fundamental qualities of breathability, thermoregulation, waterproofing, and sustainability – elements that are so intrinsic to GEOX’s DNA – the latest offerings are designed for well-being and function, but also for contemporary style. Fashion details include removable hoods, quilting, jacquards, glossy/matte color blocking, knit and reflective trims; colors range from sophisticated neutrals to the rich autumnal shades found in nature.

Among the many on-trend models offered, three favorites are the Kaven and Arral jackets and the Clintford parka. The Kaven is crafted in a flannel-look fabric that’s both waterproof and windproof, enhanced with patented breathable technology. The filling is a recycled synthetic EcologicWARM padding, a material produced by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified companies, which ensures thermal efficiency, even at the lowest temperatures.


The Arral model is slightly longer in length; its timeless design takes the wearer from casual to business to dress-up occasions. Also windproof, water-repellent, and enhanced with GEOX’s exclusive breathable technology and EcologicWARM fill, this model offers excellent protection and much versatility.

The Clintford parka is a contemporary design with a notable urban flair. In addition to the patented GEOX breathable system, it’s endowed with the brand’s patented Amphibiox waterproof technology, which offers outstanding levels of insulation and waterproofing for complete protection. Created from waterproof, windproof, laminated polyester and filled with EcologicWARM padding, this coat is the ultimate in eco-friendly sustainable style.


From the fall ‘21 Spherica collection, these styles use GEOX patented breathable technology and uppers made with ECONYL, a regenerated and regenerable yarn from fishing nets.

But beyond exceptional product, the essence of this company is its values, ideals that mirror the principles your customers are likely embracing these days. GEOX is intensely committed to the pursuit of well-being: for the individual, the environment, and society. An eco-friendly brand from its inception, GEOX is always striving for the protection of the environment and sustainable development, concepts espoused by Mario Moretti Polegato well before it was fashionable to focus on such matters. In 2005, he encouraged his group to set up an ethics committee to foster internal dialogue about ethics and sustainability. He also created a code of conduct, to which all stakeholders must adhere, concerning ethical behavior, transparency, health, safety, and environmental stewardship. What’s more, GEOX is part of the Fashion Pact, a group established in 2019 at the G-7 Summit in Biarritz. This global coalition of leading companies is committed to halting global warming, restoring biodiversity, and protecting the oceans.

Among the company’s energy-saving accomplishments: its use of renewable energy now covers 60 percent of its needs; 30 percent of the energy requirements of its logistical facilities are now covered by solar power. And both of these percentages keep growing.

As for their sustainability focus, GEOX forged an alliance for the use of Econyl, a regenerated nylon yarn obtained from industrial scraps and waste (e.g. fishing nets found in the sea). This yarn is used for the cutting-edge ventilation system in Aerantis sneakers. A different recycled plastic yarn is used to create the jacquard fabric in Nebula running shoes, an exceptionally light and comfortable sneaker created from 2.5 plastic bottles.

How wonderful that retailers can finally support a brand with the same values, beliefs, and benefits that their customers (especially younger customers) are now championing!

GEOX: Improving the quality of life through the clothes and shoes we wear.

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