Today we’ve gathered a few images of dapper men (courtesy of No Chaser Magazine) from June’s Pitti and provided guidance for where savvy retailers — who are visiting the Chicago Collective — can find smart Italian looks of their own.

Mood Indigo

While blue is a perennial favorite in menswear, the indigo hue has ruled the roost for the last few seasons and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Re_HasH Booth 4094A

Loose Change

Bringing the comfort of home to the office and beyond, menswear in general is moving (slowly) towards a more relaxed fit, especially in today’s less structured sportscoats and suitings.

  • Alessandro Gherardi Booth 2120

Layer it on

It’s not just for autumn anymore! Layering allows us to easily move from hot days outside to overly air-conditioned environments with ease, and also allows for that most ancient form of sun protection – clothes!  

  • Ferrante Booth 3123

Chore thing

Trust us on this one: this trend still has legs —er —arms. The chore coat is a perfect upgrade from a denim trucker jacket, and an easy transitional piece for today’s office environment.

  • Emanuele Maffeis dal 1958 Booth 4100A


Pattern Recognition

From stripes to checks to plaids and more, a tastefully patterned jacket is the summer wardrobe’s secret weapon. It instantly adds panache to lightweight dress trousers as well as denim, khakis, and chinos while making a perfect foil to a solid linen shirt or even — these days — not shirt at all!

  • Belvest Booth 2122

Sunshine in your Pocket

Not a trend, per se, but until neckwear returns to the dress code, a proper pocket square lends a certain finesse. Wear cotton or linen versions folded, neat and clean, as shown here, or go for bold silk or wool challis designs, puffed and tucked into a breast pocket, just so.

  • Paolo Albizzati Booth 3123


Khaki, Stone, Tobacco, Tan, Camel, Ecru…. Yes, these earthy hues are another menswear classic, but khaki and its relatives are having a moment for Spring/Summer 2024, hitting that perfect confluence of Ivy League, workwear, and handicraft influences.

  • Myths Booth 6101

A Fresh Loaf

We’ve been championing this easy, elegant look as the more sophisticated alternative to sneakers. They slip them on like — well — slippers, yet carry the connoisseur’s mark of good taste. 


Double Vision

Somehow the “DB” has always made a bit of a power statement, providing the tailored equivalent of a suit of armor. We think that, with today’s more informal dress codes, it’s gaining in popularity as a simple way to project a bit of dominance without coming across as dogmatic.

  • Fefè Napoli Booth 2110

Neat Pleats

Are there yet? No, not yet. Pleats are making a comeback, but ease customers into this somewhat retro trouser style. Younger guys are falling in love with it for the first time, but give the men who wore this look a few fashino cycles ago a minute to prepare for its return.

  • Pietra Salata Napoli Booth 2126