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Steve McQueen’s timeless style helped to make him not only a Hollywood icon but also a style icon.  Dubbed “The King of Cool,” McQueen’s anti-hero persona developed at the height of the counterculture of the 1960s, making him a top box-office draw of the ‘60s and ‘70s.  However, it was more than his handsome good looks and famous film roles that made McQueen’s appeal truly timeless.

McQueen was well-dressed, often exuding a care-free attitude whether at home, on-set or on the racetrack.  According to Chad McQueen, “My dad always knew what to wear and how to wear it.  His tastes were simple, to-the-point, and he always looked cool. His style has lasted the test of time.” 

Steve McQueen’s masculinity combined with his easy, laid-back style has never been more relevant to men’s fashion as it is today. Looking at the current menswear market, there is increased demand for clothing that can be worn all day in various settings — from work to cocktails, from the boardroom to the beach. Manufacturers are responding with new fabrics and silhouettes that feed this trend of ease and versatility. Additionally, Euromonitor notes that sales growth for menswear has been consistently outpacing womenswear — and there are no signs of it slowing down.

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These fashion trends, growing market demand, and the success of long-term product partnerships between McQueen and premium brands such as Barbour International, Persol, and Tag Heuer, make it the ideal time to expand McQueen’s presence in the menswear market, with a Steve McQueen brand of apparel and accessories.  Drawing inspiration from McQueen’s rebellious reputation and timeless look, new products will combine approachable, on-trend updated classics with a relaxed and rugged edge, echoing McQueen’s own signature style.  One of the program’s first new licensees is MMC Eyewear for Steve McQueen-branded ophthalmic eyewear, available throughout the EU starting Fall 2019.

Greenlight, the licensing division of Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) and exclusive representative for Steve McQueen’s publicity and merchandise rights, is currently seeking apparel, accessories, and retail partners for Steve McQueen, to develop and manufacture products inspired by the iconic life and legacy of the Hollywood legend.

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Looking back at Steve McQueen’s film career, he starred in nearly 30 movies over three decades. While The Great Escape was McQueen’s first style triumph, his attire in two other films in 1968 cemented his status as a veritable men’s style icon.  In The Thomas Crown Affair, Crown, played by McQueen, wore three-piece suits by day but opted for casual menswear on weekends, a reflection of McQueen’s personal preferences.  In Bullitt, the first time we see McQueen’s namesake character he appears in silky, paisley pajamas — a strong sartorial statement for that decade. Elsewhere in Bullitt, McQueen avoided “traditional” police attire in favor of more casual clothing, so when his peers were wearing uninspired shirts, ties, and suits, Bullitt was wearing a shawl-collared sweater or a navy turtleneck under a brown tweed jacket.

Molly McQueen, the granddaughter of Steve McQueen, added, “I’m so happy to see my grandfather’s style still being emulated today. There’s a reason he was called the ‘King of Cool’ and his fashion sense was a huge part of that.  We believe this line would have his coveted stamp of approval, and with his fashion choices being available to a greater audience, his legacy will continue to live on.”

For more information on licensing opportunities for Steve McQueen, contact Ryan Kernan, Senior Director at Greenlight at Ryan.Kernan@bengroup.com.

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