What can retailers do to keep their spring sales numbers up this season?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: I was surprised to see an early pop in spring menswear sales. What can I do to keep the momentum up?

Steve Pruitt: I was also surprised to see menswear takeoff early, particularly when it comes to clothing categories. Although there are fewer occasions for men to wear suits and other more formal attire these days, it appears that there is a certain percentage of the population that has gotten into the habit of buying new clothing every season to have something new, just in case they need it.

When it comes to keeping up the sales momentum, one of the challenges we face is the fact that the only trends we have happening in menswear right now are in outerwear. And this outerwear trend has been going on for a while. Soon, men will have a jacket for every occasion.

So, what do we do? One thing we can do while outerwear is still hot is to make sure that you are selling a full outfit. If a customer comes in for a jacket, have a game plan to pair it with some casual pants, new shoes, and knit tops.

(I see casual pants as another opportunity, since the denim trend is subsiding.)

So, focus on selling a full look, and not just the trendy item. This way, you can keep your transaction numbers up, for when the outerwear trend eventually slows.

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  1. The key thing I try to provide is versatility with the jacket, showing them how to dress it up or down. Thus, allowing to sell a causal or dress look now, with a stronger opportunity to sell the other look on pick up of the tailoring. I also find the customer bringing it up, making me not look pushy. I am a small store and want the customers leaving feeling they got Quality & Service!

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