Steph Curry Is Not Cool With Under Armour’s Pro-Trump Comments

by MR Magazine Staff

Yesterday news broke that Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank praised Donald Trump as an “asset for the country.” He cited the president’s desire to “make bold decisions and be really decisive” as overall positives for the American people. Under Armour, however, quickly clarified that it was only from a business perspective that Plank valued a Trump presidency. And while that clarification may have appeased some fans of the brand, a couple of its star athletes aren’t being shy about their dissatisfaction with Plank’s pro-Trump comments. In an exclusive interview with The Mercury News, Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry said that he agreed with the description of Trump as an asset—”if you remove the ‘et.'” from asset. (Get it?!) Clever wordsmithery aside, Curry expanded on the matter, saying that after a long conversation with people in Plank’s camp, as well as others at Under Armour, he is standing by the brand, despite his feelings on Trump. That said, the guy has his limits. Read more at Esquire.