by Stephen Garner

STORY CignaNew York’s ever-changing concept store STORY is teaming up with global health service company Cigna to unveil “Feel Good,” scheduled to open to the public on Tuesday, January 19.

The Feel Good concept was created to bring a popular New Year’s resolution to life – improving health and wellness. Throughout the lifespan of the installation, which will be open through February 28, customers will be invited to participate in a variety of complimentary classes and panel discussions which focus on health and wellness, in addition to shopping for the latest trends in healthy living.

“The partnership is truly groundbreaking in scope,” said STORY founder Rachel Shechtman. “Our intention was to create a 360-degree experience around a topic that’s more important than ever: taking control of one’s health.”

The STORY concept will leverage Cigna’s mind/body health and fitness expertise, bringing the online experience of the Coach by Cigna health and fitness app offline through a six week series of over 20 events, featuring Cigna coaches from around the country and NYC fitness gurus to help lead panel discussions and fitness classes.

STORY Cigna“Cigna is all about developing effective ways to help people achieve healthier, more secure lives,” said Cigna chief marketing officer, Lisa Bacus. “STORY provides a wonderful platform to help us learn and understand your interests, preferences and health; so that we may meet you where you are and help get you to where you want to be.”

The concept offers products to help individuals know more about their personal health and take control of their well-being. Merchandise has been categorized by section and selected by STORY to support the discovery of emerging technologies, brands, and health solutions.