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As highly-respected global brand Strellson enters the U.S. market for fall ‘21, MR speaks with Strellson’s head of design Marco Tomasi about why U.S. menswear stores need this fabulous fall collection. (Editor’s note: Strellson and JOOP! are both divisions of Holy Fashion Group.)

Q: How would you describe the DNA of the Strellson brand?

A: Strellson is a modern, masculine, contemporary brand with a Swiss heritage. We see the Strellson customer as an independent, energetic young man, and when I say young, I mean in mindset. For sure he’s authentic, as we view Strellson as a way of being rather than a way of dressing. Our brand description sums it up perfectly:

We are Strellson. We come from Switzerland. We design high-quality premium clothes for men with attitude, who accept no boundaries and pursue their own paths. For men who embody independence and determine what they think, what they do, and what they wear. Because every day can be a new adventure. #strellson #wearindependent.

Q: What is your vision of how men want to dress in 2021? How has the pandemic affected this vision?

A: Men will definitely dress in a more casual and sporty way, adapted to their needs. Clothes will have to be more comfortable and functional. Of course, the pandemic has had a big influence on that, but this trend to casual was already accelerating in recent years.

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: The biggest influence for sure is social developments, as we always ask ourselves, “What do men need that they don’t yet realize they need?” But design can be affected by many different things, like nature, art, and so on. At the end of the day, you can find inspiration everywhere, if you just open your eyes.

Q: What was your background before joining Strellson?

A: I worked as a menswear buyer in a department store and also for Hugo Boss and JOOP! But I actually designed my first clothes at age 14. My mother was a seamstress and would sew what I envisioned.

Q: Describe your personal style?

A: Relaxed and simple, built around modern basics. That probably has to do with the fact that in our profession, we’re always working on future collections with directional cuts, materials, and colors. Basics, therefore, represent a certain haven for me.

Q: What would you personally never wear?

A: I never did, and never would, wear fur. I’m happy to say we never considered bringing it into our collections, even though there was a high demand for it in the past.

Q: How important is sustainability to your vision?

A: Very. Every season we intensify our commitment in terms of sourcing, our choice of suppliers and materials, informing customers about product care to prolong the lifespan of their garments.

Q: In sum, why should U.S. retailers jump on the chance to buy Strellson? What do you love most about the brand?

A: I’m convinced that the Strellson collection mixes formal and casual in a new way, which creates a necessary tension and excitement on selling floors. The theme of comfort and function runs throughout the fall/winter 2021 collection. In addition, thanks to our Swiss heritage, Strellson is well known for its outerwear: from high-quality premium coats to sporty functional jackets. We offer four-season jackets, field jackets (like our new recycled Swiss Cross Durability model), bomber jackets, and more. What’s more, the collection is priced as ‘approachable luxury’ yet the fabrics and construction are far more upscale than the price tags indicate.

What do I love most about Strellson? After working for this brand and watching it grow for many years, I remain amazed by the team’s passion to constantly improve and never stop innovating.

The company is pleased to offer you a state-of-the-art virtual presentation of its exciting fall/winter 2021 Strellson collection. Please contact David Altow at to arrange your personal digital experience.


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