by Stephen Garner

Amid widespread speculation on the future of retail, the economy, and more specifically the City of New York, Suitsupply is doubling down on experiential retail at its SoHo flagship store.

In direct opposition to the notion of a future dominated by work from home and online shopping, the company has recently unveiled two floors dedicated to personal fittings and private group experiences, in addition to its existing three shopping floors.

Suitsupply also fully renovated the rooftop level to create a terrace complete with a bar and comfortable seating areas where the customers can simply kick back, unwind, and enjoy the city views.

A successful future in retail, according to Suitsupply, is defined by how personal your relationship is with your customers, understanding their unique preferences, and curating an experience that is enjoyable and memorable.

“SoHo has historically been an experiential neighborhood, filled with galleries, restaurants, quaint street and stores, and overall an inexplicable radiant ambiance,” Fokke de Jong, founder and CEO of Suitsupply, tells MR. “We fully believe in the tenacity and perseverance of this neighborhood. Post 9/11, there was a dramatic abandonment of SoHo. Despite the hardships, people have come back driven by a nostalgia that cannot be replicated in any other corner of the world.”

Asked if he has seen an increase in customer traffic this summer, de Jong is optimistic. “We are already seeing a steady increase in returning customers in SoHo,” he says. “Local faces have been dropping back in and even those that have been spending time mainly on the outskirts and driving in. They’re coming because they are ready to reignite parts of their lives that have been enjoyable and memorable experiences. They are hearing from friends that they had a great dinner at a favorite local restaurant or successful shopping experience at a store with a familiar salesperson.”

“The main point that we are hearing and seeing from our customers is that they want/need to enjoy themselves,” de Jong adds. “That’s why we create experiences for them. Shopping is more than buying clothing for our customers. The SoHo community understands why people come here and have been doing an incredible job making the neighborhood special again. We are proud to be part of this uniquely incredible community.”


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