This Summer Office Outfit Makes Every Day Feel Like Friday

by MR Magazine Staff

Your summer workwear is easy to transform from office appropriate to hang out-ready, provided you start with the right base. White jeans and an unstructured blazer in a neutral seersucker are perfect pieces for dressing up and dressing down. The light color palette and breezy fabrics lend themselves to more casual pairings. So once you’re done killing it behind a desk or in a board room you can shed your shirt and tie for a more laid back tee. Since you’ll want to look your manliest, we suggest pulling on a t-shirt with a body flattering single chest stripe. And for an extra boost of OOO style cred, pick up a woven nautical bracelet and watch band, push up your sleeves, and pretend you’re not going to work tomorrow. Summer nights are the best for going out after work—and not just because the sun stays up later. Think about it, the hot humid air fuels our desires to strip down and sip frosty cocktails, making even the most boring Wednesday night feel like Friday at the beach. But whether you’re meeting up with friends or your current crush wearing your suit and tie fully buttoned up to the bar is a party killer. So, if your office outfit doesn’t match the vacation vibes you want to project post cubicle, we have this simple suggestion. See more at GQ.