The Supreme-Branded MetroCard Is Here And It’s Already Causing Chaos

by MR Magazine Staff

If there’s one thing that the New York City subway system needs, it’s more frenzied crowds causing more delays. Just kidding! Because navigating the NYC subway system is already a Kafka-esque nightmare. But subways, like most things, can always get even worse. And today you can thank Supreme for that. To coincide with the new spring 2017 collection, the much-hyped streetwear brand has released a Supreme MetroCard. Which means that if you’re a hypebeast who lives in New York City—and you can’t afford a $68,000 Supreme x Louis Vuitton trunk—then you’re probably scrambling to get your hands on one of these fully functional $5.50 cards. Unfortunately, this mad scramble has created total chaos in the subway stations selling the cards—which, according to the MTA, includes Broadway-Lafayette, Queens Plaza, Marcy Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Prince Street, Spring Street, Union Square, and the 125th Street 2/3 train—to the point that the NYPD has intervened to restore order. Read more at Esquire.