by Stephen Garner

Swiss sustainable bodywear brand T-Bô has introduced a new “packaging-free” option during checkout for its eco-conscious customers in part of a broader vision to produce less waste and strengthen the brand’s core DNA of sustainability.

The “packaging-free” option will be featured during the check-out process on T-Bô’s website. When the customer chooses to go “packaging-free,” T-Bô will eliminate and recycle the plastic packaging that the pieces are currently shipped in during the fulfillment process. Instead, the underwear and activewear offered by the brand will be shipped loosely in biodegradable envelopes. If all of the brand’s customers choose the no-packaging option, T-Bô estimates a reduction in waste by approximately 1,200 pounds in 2020.

Further, part of the brand’s action plan towards a waste-free future includes the elimination of all existing plastic packaging used to secure the product and replacement with a sustainable alternative, set to roll out in the next three months.

While T-Bô was built from the beginning with sustainability at its core, the introduction of “packaging-free” and biodegradable packaging brings the brand one step closer to a 360-degree sustainable vision.

“T-Bô has always been a community-driven brand and our community demanded that we further close the circle in our sustainability efforts beyond the core product we offer,” said co-founder Allan Perrottet. “Part of the changeover has been finding a new warehouse to partner with that is able to accommodate our new shipping products and processes. We’re really excited as we strengthen the implementation of this change.”

As the first fully demand-driven brand, the company only puts product into production when enough demand is shown by their customers which in turn reduces the need for large inventories, streamlines the amount of raw materials needed to produce the product and ensures no overproduction. The brand’s full range of underwear and activewear shirts are made from water-saving, eco-friendly bamboo fibers that create super-soft breathable, moisture-wicking products; all products are co-developed and pre-financed by their expansive online community.


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