by Joseph DeAcetis

Why Men’s Stores Should Retail Grooming Products

In 2022, men’s grooming is projected to reach over 65 billion dollars in retail sales. In America alone, the industry is reaching sales revenue accelerate like never seen before.

[Photo, above: Photographer: Macrae Marran. Model: Christian Plauche for VNY model management @LanaWinters. Fashion: Ferragamo SS 2022 collection.]

More importantly, roughly 80% of these sales will be generated at Brick & Mortar stores. And quick-to-trend retailers have taken notice. The leading areas of growth are toiletries, such as shower products, deodorant, hair care, and skincare. In addition, shaving and beard care products, and even fragrances have been booming in sales.

In short, men’s grooming routines have developed far beyond the old-reliable quick shave and comb-over. Today’s men aim to dedicate time and effort to make sure that they look presentable during office hours as well as leisure time. 

Many specialty menswear stores are responding to these trends by creating dedicated spaces for men’s grooming. In fact, men’s specialty retail stores are in a unique position to capitalize on the accelerating market share by lending their professional advice to customers aiming to begin a well-planned grooming regime. 

The idea of adding grooming categories to your store may be the perfect place for your customer to feel at ease in communicating his interests. In short, men are adding new products to their personal care regimes with a particular focus on skincare which includes anti-aging, moisturizing face masks, nose hair trimmers, and beard trimmers and the list keeps expanding. More and more men are interested in learning about good grooming practices. And interestingly enough, statistical data shows that there is a 90% chance that the customer will return to the shop where we made his grooming purchase. The reason is, that the customer will be familiarized with the product by a dedicated and well-trained sales staff as opposed to walking into a non-grocery store and being overwhelmed due to an abundant number of shelved products with little to no assistance. 

Grooming  for Success

As Gen Z enters the workforce they are becoming more and more interested to enhance their look. These savvy zoomers will appreciate your knowledge and when guided correctly, will place trust in you and your outlet. One reason that the underlying dynamics of modified grooming products are coming to fruition is thanks to the consumers themselves.  Younger millennials and Gen Z are looking at new products rather than the older products that their fathers used, In addition to learning about technical advancements in product offerings today, younger clients demand sustainable options in such as cruelty-free, eco-friendly packaging as well established philanthropic partnerships. 

Handsome Visuals

What I find interesting is that when a menswear store adds creative grooming displays of quality products, it gives consumers a sense of now- that overall adrenaline-fueled feeling that can only be expressed by the client at the point of sale. A feeling that they can express to other potential clients.  It is a sure-fire way to signal to your customers that you have the men’s grooming knowledge to help clients maintain their polished look – especially with the focus on grooming for success. And from entrepreneurs to corporate employees good grooming matters. It conveys an image of confidence and self-respect.  As I mentioned previously, customers purchase products from professionals because they trust your opinion.

Lastly, your customers will build trust in you and your store to ensure that shoppers are provided with a variety of good options. And the selected brands below agree that retailers could benefit from the hotter than ever grooming trend.  As some retailers begin and others continue to offer a wider variety of men’s grooming products, men will take more interest in the importance of self-care and great style! 

Leland Francis Body Radiance

Perfect for men, Body Radiance is an ultra-luxe blend of flower waxes and nourishing oils to help soothe, smooth, and add hydration while giving the body a radiant glow. Use this balm with its 100% cotton pillow applicator to add radiance to legs, arms, and shoulders. Like all Leland Francis products, Body Radiance is vegan, cruelty-free, and made without petroleum, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and fragrance. It is packaged in sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials, utilizing no plastic. $78

Leland Francis Body Serum

This natural body serum features a blend of pure botanicals to help soothe, moisturize, repair, and firm skin. This body serum helps to improve the skin’s luminosity, while also providing a potent combination of vitamins and antioxidants. Helping to promote a more youthful and radiant glow by plumping fine lines. Antimicrobial properties promote soft, clear, and bright skin. Body Serum is clean, cruelty-free, vegan, made in small batches, and free of petroleum, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and fragrance. $88

Oxygenetix  Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix

This is a moisturizer that cares for your skin. Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix will never simply sit on the surface of your skin and block it from breathing. This is the perfect addition to your summer skincare routine as it is a hydrating complex that helps deliver oxygen to your skin, replenishing it, as well as delivering fast-absorbing, long-lasting hydration all day. The Hydro-Matrix also features an aloe vera base that is antibacterial and can help soothe your sunburnt skin or irritation from ingrown hairs! $59

Isa Lazo Facial Toner

Isa Lazo’s toner is designed to help refine pores, treat blackheads and manage excess oil, without being abrasive. The all-natural formula includes chamomile, witch hazel, aloe, green tea, and cucumber extract to help soothe razor burn, while deeply cleaning away the sweat, pollution, and impurities that can be left lingering after washing with a cleanser. Add this to your summer skincare routine to help reduce any irritation from razor burn or to soothe sunburnt skin. $78

Dove Men+Care Ultimate Antiperspirant

Dove Men+Care Ultimate Antiperspirant promises superior skincare for the underarms. It is caring without compromising on protection. This antiperspirant was developed with breakthrough water-based technology, containing a high concentration of glycerin, and protects from sweat and odor for up to 48 hours. Underarms deserve skincare too, so you can call it a moisturizer, you can call it toner, you can call it a clarifier, but don’t just call Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant a deodorant, because it is so much more than that. $10

The Beard Club PT45 Trimmer

This NBA Point Guard James Harden-approved trimmer is the result of many years of research and development to offer a top-of-the-line precision trimmer designed specifically with your beard in mind. With custom-made guards designed to handle beards of all shapes and sizes.

Features include:

  • Clean Cut Every Time
  • No Painful Hair Pulling
  • Wider Blade for Clean Lines
  • Travel Lock to Take Wherever You Go
  • 3 Hour Battery Life – Don’t Get Stuck to the Wall


Harry’s x Flamingo Face & Body Pride Shave Set

Harry and Flamingo came together for the first time with the understanding that shaving shouldn’t reinforce a gender binary. This shave set comes with interchangeable razor heads to create an all-inclusive hair removal system no matter where you shave, plus Harry’s and Flamingo donate 100% of the set’s sales to The Trevor Project. To celebrate individuals everywhere living fully and authentically in their truths they launched a limited-edition ergonomically designed green razor handle and fun pink shower holder. The interchangeable razor heads, take the best of both Flamingo and Harry’s to create an all-inclusive hair removal system, regardless of where those hairs might be hiding.  $10

Modern Mammals Easy Rinse

Rather than blast your head squeaky clean with harsh shampoo, the Modern Mammal’s easy rinse wash refreshes your hair back to its natural balance each time. Say goodbye to poofy, dry, itchy shampoo hair. With routine rinses, you’ll maintain a healthier head that stays in its natural balance and doesn’t itch or flake. That means great hair days every single day. Price in USD. $26

Trudon Revolution

This fragrance is a must-have for men this spring/summer of 2022 because it permeates the skin, and builds up human emotions throughout the day. It also blends in, leaving an air of mystery and intrigue around the body.  $240 

The Feelist Me Time Set

This Me-Time set is a must-have for this spring/summer of 2022 because It’s the ultimate stress reliever, post-workout recovery, post-flight swelling, and to ensure a great night’s sleep. Ease stress and let all your tension slip away with Staycation, our dreamy lavender and vanilla scented detoxifying salt soak. Post bath, luxuriate with Do Not Disturb- our uber hydrating and deeply restorative body cream. Perfect for unwinding after a long day, reducing swelling after a long flight, soothing muscles after a hard workout or anytime you need some time for you. $120 

Kypris Ad Astra Rich Nighttime Eye Cream

A luscious emulsion of botanicals and peptides that gently infuse the eye area with generous moisture and a smoothed appearance complementing your nightly rest. $150 

Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Body Gel

Susanne Kaufmann’s powerful new Hyaluron Body Gel, formulated with three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and active aloe vera instantly provides multi-layer hydration, promotes skin elasticity, and calms the skin with a refreshing, cooling sensation to enhance and prolong a natural, healthy glow. The ultra-lightweight gel quickly absorbs into the skin for instant cooling and moisturizing effects. It can be layered under the Body Butter and Body Oil for an extra dose of hydrating comfort.  $65 

ALPHA-H The Power of Three

This essential trio works in harmony to remove daily impurities, balance skin’s natural pH, deeply hydrate and resurface while you sleep. Powered by the optimal concentration of accelerated acids and antioxidant-rich Australian botanicals. Featuring the award-winning Balancing Cleanser, Hyaluronic 8 Super Serum, and Liquid Gold Exfoliating Tonic. $40 ($70 Value)

USTAWI Red Clay Clarifying Mask

Introducing USTAWI’s first-ever mask, the Red Clay Clarifying Mask. They’ve created a multi-functional mask that absorbs impurities, detoxifies, and hydrates the skin. Usually, a clay mask would often be too aggressive and drying. The moisturizing natural elements in our mask promote deep hydration. It purifies without drying. We have created a unique combination of two types of clay: Red and White. Both clay types are gentle on the most sensitive skin types. They remove impurities and pollution particles that dull the skin resulting in instant radiance. The mask is boosted with a number of active ingredients such as EGCG. It is a versatile natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory molecule, which is proven to reduce excess sebum production. We boosted the efficiency of the mask with oils rich in linoleic acid which possesses moisturizing properties and fight against skin inflammations. $55

Boscia Cica Soothing Universal Cream

Introducing boscia’s newest face and body hybrid companion, the Cica Soothing All-Over Body Cream. Meant to be used on its own or layered over the Peptide Youth Restore Body Serum, this universal gel cream provides an instant burst of hydration to relieve dry skin. Full of soothing ingredients combining cica, lactobacillus, and ginger root extract with nourishing ceramides, skin is shielded from water loss and left feeling silkier than ever. Gentle enough for the face, body, and everything in between, the universal gel cream will relieve sensitive skin from head to toe. $22

Ilia Lip Wrap Reviving Balm

ILIA’s Lip Wrap Reviving Balm is a barrier-building balm that hugs lips on the first glide. A nourishing blend of emollient butter and Prickly Pear Oil quench lips on contact. Active levels of Hyaluronic Acid and Salicornia are visibly plump and help boost hydration. Lips feel calm, comfortable, and completely replenished. $24

Balmain Hair Couture Homme Hair Perfume 

Balmain Hair Couture’s Homme Collection is a carefully curated collection of men’s grooming products designed to provide and create a special moment of personal luxury for every father, and father figure, or loved one. Like all collections under the Balmain Hair Couture umbrella, the Homme Collection consists of a small but complete line of only best-selling products, all with the signature Homme fragrance. $140.00.  

Dr. Rossi Derm MD The Purifier Biphasic Oil Cleanser

This lipid-soluble formula, fueled by Bio-Theriac ComplexTM, gently cleanses and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. Appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, combination, and oily. $78.00.

Chill Chocolate Vine Detox Tonic

This weightless liquid daily toner, featuring smoothing chocolate vine and a gentle salicylic acid solution, exfoliates to help treat and prevent breakouts caused by stress, while its comforting chocolate aromatherapy notes help calm the senses for a clear mind and healthy-looking complexion. $38.00

Factorfive Regenerative Serum

FACTORFIVE’s regenerative serum is a must-have for the spring and summer. The serum combines human stem cell-derived growth factors with copper peptides that work at the cellular level to restore, replenish, and trach skin to repair damage for a hydrated, youthful glow. It’s perfect for repairing sun-damaged skin after a long day outside. $199.00

Dr. Yates Reset Clarifying Shampoo

As temps start to heat up, be sure you protect your scalp and hair with Reset Clarifying Shampoo. Dr. Yates Reset Clarifying Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar is a weekly clarifying cleanser that removes the stubborn build-up that results from hair products, hard-water mineral deposits, chlorine, and other chemicals. Apple Cider Vinegar is known to do wonders for your hair, helping retain the pH level of your scalp and leave your hair soft, shiny, and smooth to the touch. It even tames rough hair cuticles and fights split ends. This formula also includes Flax Seed and Hemp Seed Oil which contain valuable Omega-3 fatty acids that help nourish hair follicles for healthy hair growth. $39.99


Keeps, the science-backed solution to men’s hair thinning, is a must-have for men this season because the brand is on a mission to make future hair loss a thing of the past. The Keeps experience includes connecting patients with a doctor to identify and prescribe the best treatment plan for each and every case. From there, the brand provides proactive outreach from your doctor, a personalized progress tracker, educational resources, and more. With Keeps, your best hair is ahead of you.

Keeps Thickening Shampoo was developed by experts to help keep your follicles clean and healthy, which helps your hair look fuller and thicker. Keeps Thickening Conditioner was developed by experts to help strengthen the cuticle layer of your scalp, adding additional protection that keeps your hair looking smooth and healthy.- Keeps Thickening Pomade is an everyday styling product formulated by Keeps’ expert advisors to create thicker, fuller-looking hair.

  • Keeps Thickening Shampoo: $22/8oz
  • Keeps Thickening Conditioner: $22/8oz
  • Keeps Thickening Pomade: $25/3oz

Caswell-Massey Yellowstone “Old Faithful” Soap

Yellowstone “Old Faithful” soap derives from a plant-based formula that restores and moisturizes the skin. Enriched with cocoa butter and olive oil, it nourishes while providing vitamins and antioxidants to the skin. The pine needles serve as an all-natural skin exfoliant and work to remove dead skin cells. The soap combines the scents of sagebrush, sweet blue lupine, earthy larkspur, and pine smoke to capture a woodsy aroma. It contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and is cruelty-free.  $16