Talking Trends With Mister Mort, NYC’s Resident Menswear Grump

by MR Magazine Staff

Mordechai Rubinstein, better known by his nom de blog Mister Mort, is finally getting into the clothing business. For those who don’t follow him on Instagram—where he relentlessly documents real NYC style—he’s an anti-fashion influencer of sorts, a trend whisperer who revels in vintage Americana and old guy style and eschews what he calls “seasonal, disposable shit.” His latest design endeavor is classic Mister Mort—made-in-the-USA clothes with a quirky twist (in this case, embroidered mustard stains). The collection, called “Happy Accident,” is only available at Beams in Japan, but Mordechai is as New York as it gets. In addition to having one of the best eyes on the street, Mordechai is also one of the most unabashedly opinionated figures in men’s fashion, routinely taking trends, brands, and designers to task on his unfiltered Twitter feed. After fighting the good fight against overplayed style and washed retail concepts for years, it seems only natural that Mordechai would design the product that he wanted to see in the world. And there’s more stuff on the way—for starters a line of purple painter pants done in collaboration with Stan Ray.
I called Mordechai to talk about clothes and the “Happy Accident” lookbook, and wound up with Mister Mort’s trend report. Below, his (mostly) unfiltered opinions on the major fashion movements of the day: New York, collaborations, and androgynous clothes. (And mustard.) Read more at GQ Style.