Why Ted Baker’s Ray Kelvin Is Not Your Average CEO

by MR Magazine Staff

A CEO who refuses to show his face in public may sound foolish in the age of Twitter and Instagram but then Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin is not your average CEO. Hugging means a lot to Kelvin and he has a rule that everyone at the brand’s head office must hug him before they talk. In fact, within seconds of our introduction, he embraces me with the sort of hug two reunited lovers might indulge in. It takes 73 seconds to end. “Don’t report me for sexual harassment,” he jokes, in a deep North London accent. Tonight, Kelvin is on top form. The Ted Baker founder is hosting a dinner to celebrate the launch of ‘Mission Impeccable’, a completely shoppable online film, which was produced by movie director Guy Ritchie. It playfully introduces fashion-led spies who work for TED, an MI5-like organisation. It is something Kelvin insists will become a “game changer” for marketers. “You can watch the film and say that looks really cool or he looks great or she looks sexy, and then buy the clothes. It brings it to life,” he explains. Read more at Marketing Week.