The 7 Biggest Street-Style Trends At The Fall 2020 Menswear Shows

Two of the key trends in men’s fashion right now exist at completely opposite poles: First, there’s the rise of a softer, gentler kind of menswear, comprised of pastels, skirts, and even pearl jewelry. It’s in step with culture’s changing views on masculinity and the looks we’ve seen on the fall 2020 runways: At Dior Men, Kim Jones proposed a new era of couture for guys, while designers like Ludovic de Saint Sernin rarely consider gender at all when they design, whether they’re making blazers or silk underwear. Running counter to all of that is the surprising obsession with all things Western: cowboy hats, serape coats, square-toe boots. Sometimes the look is perplexingly literal, but in other cases it’s more of a commentary on the rugged, “macho” traditions of the Wild West. Read more at Vogue.