What Menswear’s Editors And Buyers Are Wearing Post-Streetwear

For what feels like the last two years, Supreme’s seasonal drops have been at the center of the menswear universe. Streetwear reigned, well, supreme in menswear, and no brand has been more fetishized than the New York skate brand. Even at the highest echelons of fashion, Supreme was omnipresent on buyers whose stores didn’t carry the brand, on editors whose magazines didn’t cover the brand and on designers who worked at other brands. It was emblematic not only of streetwear’s ethos and aesthetic, but of the thirst for the highly-coveted and extremely-limited pieces and sneakers that drove the growth of the resale market. Things are beginning to feel different, though. With menswear going through what might best be described as an aesthetic correction, it doesn’t feel like Supreme’s Spring 2020 is the be-all and end-all it once was. Read more at Fashionista.