The Death Of The American Mall Was A Warning Sign That Our Dystopian Future Was Closer Than We All Thought

As vaccines roll out across American, thousands of people aren’t getting vaccinated at CVS pharmacies or local health clinics. Instead, they’re heading to abandoned Kmarts, Sears, and Toys R Us stores to get their shots. For American companies that have seen store counts collapse in recent years, the symbolism of having abandoned stores turned into mass vaccination clinics highlights how quickly the world was changing before the pandemic, and how COVID-19 accelerated a shift to an unfamiliar and sometimes dystopian future. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic might be in sight as vaccine shots ramp up, but crumbling malls, the country’s haphazard approach to healthcare, and brands looking to capitalize on the “new normal” suggest our new dystopian reality is here to stay. Read more at Business Insider.

One Reply to “The Death Of The American Mall Was A Warning Sign That Our Dystopian Future Was Closer Than We All Thought”

  1. People write these stories with only partial knowledge. The “retail apocalypse” took place in the 1980s and 90s, when thousands of independent businesses succumbed due to the hostile takeover of local retail metros across the country. They overbuilt by many fold, creating a bubble that is bursting now because virtually none of the stores that were created had any real heart, and when the wind died…..they had nothing that people needed. THIS apocalypse is a GOOD thing. The dystopia has been shifted from cookie cutter stores selling mostly the same stuff, replacing local editing and curating with their perceived economy of scale, to larger, to more efficient nightmares like Amazon and Walmart. Siphoning as much out of local economies like mine everywhere, before the wells run dry and they have all the money. The mall developers made an absolute MINT, and are somehow not responsible for taking down their blight. The mismanagement is criminal. And the reporting of it all is shallow and inaccurate.

    When Men’s Wearhouse fails, they’ll have to let thousands of workers go. Just like what happened when they helped cause the real apocalypse.

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