The Future Of Shopping Will Be On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, And Disney Plus

I know it’s hard to remember back this far, but people used to shop in physical stores. For fun. They went into retailers not just for masks, cans of black beans, and hardware supplies but to have an entertaining experience—even if they didn’t buy anything. All this, of course, has been upended by social distancing, retail bankruptcies, and store closures, and no one can say if it will ever come back. At least not in the same way.

Meanwhile, more and more of us appear to be spending more time than ever watching streaming media, particularly Netflix, entertaining ourselves with tigers, Jerry Seinfeld, and at least two minutes of an action movie starring Chris Hemsworth until it’s all too hot to handle. What if streaming services, whose core function is to entertain, took over the job that physical retail once held and made their entertainment shoppable? Read more at Fast Company.