The Hot New Trend In Luxury Retail? Not Selling Anything

by MR Magazine Staff

As retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to get shoppers (particularly new, young ones) into their brick-and-mortar stores, a slew of luxury brands seem to have a strategy for engaging consumers: Get them to go somewhere else — not to shop, but to hang out. This summer, Dolce & Gabbana opened a “cultural hub,” as it’s calling it, on Mercer St. in Soho, New York. While one can shop there during the day, the space is first and foremost a luxurious, Instagrammable clubhouse for the youths. It hosts monthly events, like a concert featuring up-and-coming bands, or a “drink and draw” night. Also this summer, Coach debuted Life Coach, an experiential pop-up in New York meant to “lead guests on a journey of self-discovery.” It contained exactly zero products for sale; instead, it housed immersive and photogenic rooms. Perhaps you saw one made to look like a New York City subway station, where guests could graffiti the walls, on your social media feeds; there was also a Coney Island-inspired room with games and a mystical forest with tarot card readings. Read more at Fashionista.