The Hottest Product at Hermès? It’s Not a Bag—It’s the Necktie

As the creative director of men’s silk at Hermès, Christophe Goineau has one of the more enchanting jobs in fashion. He oversees the most fanciful of product lines, the accessories—scarves, ties, pocket squares, and the like—that add a little indulgent flourish to one’s outfit. Goineau sees the role of the tie as particularly special. At Hermès, “we don’t have so many products that are in a way so emotional,” he says. “Maybe because it’s the center of the body…I don’t think we have many products that are so close to our customer.” Read more at GQ

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    1. Hi Arthur!! Hope all is good in your life! I’ve never thought NECKTIE
      had left; now so happy to hear someone is paying attention to their
      RETURN :) Gentlemen always get dressed!

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