To Survive The Apocalypse, Retailers Must Think Of Retail As A Service

by MR Magazine Staff

Eft’s Head of Retail, Priyanka Asera, kicked off the D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit’s theme telling the story of how she waited 12 weeks for a cream leather couch, only to call the furniture company and discover it was struggling with production. Asera waited another 10 weeks. A friend who lived in Asera’s building called her one day to say a couch had been left in the lobby — and it looked like the one Asera had ordered almost six months ago. Sure enough, it was the long-awaited cream leather couch. “I gave customer service a call and asked, ‘what happened?'” Asera told the summit attendees. “Then they put me on hold for 20 minutes with no music in the background then came back and said, our notes indicate your apartment building doesn’t have an elevator so we successfully delivered the couch to your lobby.” The problem? Asera’s apartment building does have an elevator, right where the couch had been left, and she was not even notified of the delivery. Read more at Retail Dive.