by Stephen Garner

Todd Snyder’s latest collaboration with the great American outfitter goes camping.

As with fall 2020’s “From Away” collection, the new line takes its name from a famous Maine-ism—in this case, “Upta Camp,” local lingo for spending time at a cabin in the woods. These simple, wooden buildings are often passed down from generation to generation, and they are places for fishing, canoeing, playing games, and making memories. The phrase “Upta Camp” even appears embroidered on a pair of chinos.

“I really wanted this collection to be a modern take on what our friends in Freeport call ‘Cast and Blast’—literally, the clothes and gear you need for fishing and hunting,” said Todd Snyder. “Rather than create a sampler of my favorite archival pieces from different decades, this time I was more narrowly focused on items from the eighties that some of us on the design team remember, inherited, or discovered in a vintage shop.”

True to form for Snyder, the collection has its share of playful touches. The camo pattern that appears on chamois shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, and snap-front fleece shirt jackets is formed from a repeated, abstract series of maps of Maine. Coachmen and Caddis dry flies that Maine anglers use to catch trout are sewn onto chinos as critters.

The capsule isn’t a complete eighties nostalgia trip, though. It also includes several updated takes on the greatest hits from fall 2020, including mash-ups of Norwegian sweaters, scenic L.L.Bean catalog cover artwork as turtleneck sweatshirts and chamois shirts in classic colorways and patterns. For accessories, there are Bean Beanies, logo-ed ballcaps, rucksacks, hip packs, and limited-edition totes and Bean Boots made from upcycled vintage military bags.

“L.L. had this great attitude about fishing and hunting. It wasn’t about how many fish you caught but the experience of getting out there,” added Snyder. “And I’m really hoping these clothes get people excited about doing whatever it is that helps them recharge whether that’s hunting for game or just watching the game at their local bar.”

The collection launches on September 24th exclusively at and all three Todd Snyder retail locations.