by Stephen Garner

The Coronavirus crisis took hold of North America at a time when brands were planning their spring/summer 2020 marketing content. Now, more than ever before, fashion brands are learning and finding new ways of producing engaging content while their teams work remotely.

For Todd Snyder, this rings true as he has found a new way to launch his spring catalog. Catalog marketing has been a hugely successful element of Snyder’s marketing strategy; his catalogs are almost more akin to fashion magazines — with beautiful editorials of known models at dreamy locations alongside lifestyle content. And like fashion magazines, the Todd Snyder team usually spends months building out the content, shooting, and editing.

When COVID-19 intensified, the team had to think up a new way to bring inspiration and connection to customers. In just eight days they were able to tap their network of talent to build a catalog unlike any other produced for the brand.

But, it didn’t come easy. “Well, there’s the obvious challenges – we weren’t able to cast models, produce photoshoots, etc.,” Snyder tells MR. “This catalog gave us a chance to find a new way to connect with customers. Everyone is going through the same thing right now and the playing field is level, so how do we create something to inspire our guy to dream about something in a different way?”

To do so, Snyder’s team worked with an illustrator Rob Wilson to dream up backdrops for models; influencers to shoot still-life content; and kicked off what will be an on-going series with Jim Moore: Jim Class.

“I’m lucky to work with some of the best people in the business,” adds Snyder. “I’ve learned time and again that when faced with challenges if you surround yourself with talented people, you can always create something unique and exciting. This catalog taps a lot of our brand supporters, like Jim Moore and John Brodie, and asks them to step out of their comfort zone and create something fresh.”